Play Your Position with Mary Lou Kayser

He’s crashed the Toronto Film Festival. Had dinner with Amy Cuddy and her family in the nicest restaurant in Boston. Imitated his favorite superhero in a bathroom stall before nailing an audition. Won multiple awards for his indie film “Linea.” Attended Oscar parties with Hollywood A-listers and acted across from Reese Witherspoon in the critically acclaimed film, “Wild” (based on fellow Portlander Cheryl Strayed’s best selling memoir). He’s also an up and coming film maker, former acapella singer, Oregon Ducks fan, and happens to be my neighbor. His name is Will Cuddy, and you are going to love his take on the future of film, how to be bold, and the truth about Millennials. Despite being next door to each other at the scheduled time, we recorded the episode in our respective houses. “I’ve never done a podcast with my guest in the same room,” I confessed. “I know there are plenty of people who do. I just don’t have the right set up yet.” Will’s warmth and playful spirit made it feel like we were sitting across from each other in a comfy living room. I think you will agree. Thanks for tuning in! And please, if you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe. I publish episodes regularly and you never know who’s going to show up and play their position.

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