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“The time you can take to care for aging parents is 10-20 years according to a survey done by MetLife,” says today’s PYP MVP Ruth Ullman. There are plenty of other sobering statistics about the wave that’s coming -- and most people are either ignoring it or denying it even exists. Our conversation goes pretty deep into what’s happening around the world today, and the trend of aging parents shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

“No one wants to think about their parents getting old,” Ruth continues. “But to pretend that’s not going to happen can cost you a lot of money, not to mention time.”

Ruth began caring for her aging parents when she was in her 40s. She had to navigate a labyrinth of financial, legal and health mazes to get answers and figure out next steps. “It wasn’t easy,” she says, reflecting on that time of her life. “And my business didn’t survive because I hadn’t set it up to work without me fully present every day.”

Because of these experiences, Ruth founded her latest business called which focuses on helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and consultants realign their businesses to thrive while caring for aging parents. She believes that no one should have to choose between the business they created and caring for aging loved ones.

Ruth has been featured on Fox, CBS, NBC & ABC News and lately, a lot of podcasts where she spreads her message about how to prevent catastrophe from striking when aging loved ones become front and center in our lives.



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