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At one point during our conversation, today’s PYP MVP Tommy Breedlove paused and said: "I am a Picasso of screwing up. The journey never ends. When the train is running on all cylinders, the demons and the noise show up even stronger."

He then goes on to tell a story he's never told anyone, one that involves flashing blue lights and having a gun held to his head.

He also shares a story about a time when a trusted adviser asked him the following question:

“Do you want to live your life? Or do you want to live your story?”

This question stopped Tommy in his tracks and caused him to make some big changes, including doubling down on serving others. What happened next was nothing short of magical.

In fact, Tommy Breedlove proves that when you start living your life from a position of serving others -- everything changes.



Tommy Breedlove is the founder of Choose Goodness, a company dedicated to helping executives and entrepreneurs focus beyond the financial bottom line. By empowering leaders, Tommy bridges the gap between humanity and profitably. He transforms organizations to attract and re-tain the best and brightest people, create a loyal customer base and promote goodwill within their communities. Choose Goodness provides both the rational and emotional perspectives to the strategic and financial decision making process.

Since beginning his career at Deloitte, Tommy has spent 20 years serving companies as a CPA and financial consultant. He still serves as Board Advisor, Chair and/or Director for multiple for-profit and civic entities.

But what he loves most these days is serving the Choose Goodness community and demonstrating that it's possible -- and never too late -- to live an authentic, satisfying life.


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