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Hello Team PYP, welcome to this week’s Audible, Episode #138. I’m calling this audible “We’re not really sharing what’s real” because in my next show, you will hear my guest Yigal Adato go into more detail about why this is happening and what it means for us as men, women and citizens of a global community. You are not going to want to miss that episode because it is one of the most raw and emotional conversations I’ve ever had with a guest here on PYP. That episode is scheduled to drop in the next few days, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. 


A quick preview: Yigal talks about how he personally transformed his life from being 40 pounds overweight and addicted to porn -- to being able to speak his truth so he can work with people to help them speak theirs. He openly admits it has taken him years of doing hard work to get to where he is today, and he has to work on telling the truth every single day… but he wouldn’t trade it for the world. Doing that work saved his health, his marriage and probably his life because like a lot of people, Yigal was on the fast track to total self destruction.


Again, you can catch the full episode with Yigal Adato later this week, but let’s get on with today’s audible.


In today’s audible, I want to dive deep into something Yigal shares with us on that episode, he said:


“We’re not really sharing what’s real.”


What he’s referring to here is the proliferation of social media and how it’s directly impacting our lives. How it can really play with our heads and our emotions. Boy, did that ever hit me right between the eyes. Team, I feel like a broken record when I talk about the paradox of social media.


On the one hand, I love social media and use it to build my brand and my business. I also use it to maintain a professional network and to stay connected with people I love.


On the other hand, I suffer at times from the Highlight Reel overload, which plays with my head and can leave me feeling depressed and less-than because I haven’t yet made a million dollars or achieved the level of financial success I thought I’d have by this point in my life.


But I will tell you something.


Because of this next little hack I’m about to share with you from Yigal, I’m able to shake off those useless feelings pretty quickly, realign and refocus my time and energy on doing the things I love -- things like have amazing conversations with incredible individuals for this podcast, write books, build leadership coaching programs and deliver them to awesome professionals who are trying to figure out their path, too.


I can focus on what’s real and then share that with the people I serve and work with. 




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