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The startup scene in San Francisco is very much alive and brimming with ideas

I recently had the opportunity to attend a pitch night in downtown SF. Think of it like a mini shark tank, minus Mr. Wonderful. :-)

The place was packed. Adult beverages and pizza were served. I arrived early to check out the scene and network and in doing so, I met some fascinating people including:

  • a woman who worked at LinkedIn for six and a half years before it was bought by Microsoft and became the BIG COMPANY it is today
  • a man who puts on events for startups and was very excited to have his first one scheduled for London this summer
  • a woman who came all the way from Ireland to pitch her idea
  • a man who has created a sensing device that will track packages from start to finish and indicate exactly where damage occurs along the journey (if any)


The majority of attendees were originally from other countries including India, Pakistan, Italy and Russia.

The predominant smell in the air besides pizza and beer was hunger -- hunger for closing a deal -- hunger to make it big -- with a hefty side of money.

The entire evening was fascinating to experience. If you're at all curious about what goes on at these pitch nights, today's audible will take you on the inside of one.


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