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Hello Team PYP! In today’s audible, I talk about this mad crazy world we now find ourselves living in, how creating and sharing engaging content with our tribes is top of mind for a lot of us and why the pursuit of excellence never gets old. Because I am super engaged right now in helping some of my clients create their thought leadership content, I can’t make creating new content a top priority for my audible series.


So, what’s an effective entrepreneur to do in this situation?


Mine old files for content, of course!


And I found a gold mine sitting on one of my external hard drives that I am working up into some new content for us here at PYP. When I first created this content four years ago, I intended to launch it under the brand “One Minute Mindset with Mary Lou.” For many different reasons I won’t get into right now, that series never launched. However, creating that content served as  what I now see was a warm up to the audibles I share with you here on PYP in between the awesome conversations I have with guests.


As I listened through these micro audio files, I realized they fit perfectly into PYP -- why not dust them off, edit them into a new file and share them with you?


Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing these micro episodes with you -- some are super short, like in the one to two minute range, while others are a bit longer. The average is about six minutes and in them, I tackle universal themes and challenges we all face as we go about doing what we do.


I got a kick out of listening back to these recordings and I think you will find them uplifting and useful!


Thanks for listening, Team and as always, I sure appreciate your reviews on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to PYP!


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