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Notes on the World Cup 2018

Did you watch the World Cup finale yesterday?

I will first begin by saying I am not an active soccer fan per se but if you’ve been listening to the Play Your Position podcast for a while, you know I am a bonafide sports fan. I love a good match. Could be tennis could be soccer could be croquet -- I love to watch people engage in sport because it’s one of the things that makes us fundamentally human. It’s a celebration of life.

Science has shown that animals outside of human beings do engage in play any games. But our human brains have allowed us to create these magnificent games like football like Baseball and basketball and poker and what we Americans call soccer.

I didn’t have a horse in the race for the 2018 world Cup but when I was watching matches leading up to the final I was intrigued by the name MBappe. He is my sons age. 19.

He is the next Pele.


I was also drawn to the rooster icon that the French team has on its uniforms. I can’t help it team I’m a big fan of branding and that rooster is just super cool. Now the checkerboard pattern of the Croatian team is also striking but side-by-side I’m going to pick the dark blue with the rooster and white font uniform over the red and white checkerboard any day of the week and twice on Sunday. It honestly has nothing to do with the country of origin. It simply has to do with the design aesthetics.

Back to MBappe for a minute. We love a superstar, though, don’t we? There’s just something about greatness that we cannot turn away from. To see a new and up-and-coming star in any sport in any field is thrilling.

It was a good match. Back-and-forth good offense good defense. The fans were really into it.

Congratulations to France. The players the staff the fans. Congratulations to Croatia, too. The players the staff the fans. It is no small feat to make it to the pen ultimate game of your chosen sport. Whether it’s the World Cup the World Series the NBA final the Super Bowl what a game.


What an incredible experience to witness.


What an incredible gift to be alive.


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