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Michael Redbord is the General Manager of the Service Hub at HubSpot. Prior to that, Michael scaled the HubSpot Customer Support team from 20 people in a single office with single-language phone support to more than 200 people powering a global, multi-lingual, multi-channel support experience. In doing so, Michael turned HubSpot’s customer support team from a cost center to a profit center and one of HubSpot’s greatest engines of growth, with an unimaginable revenue retention rate of over 100%. Essentially, the revenue the sales and marketing teams generate is worth more because of the customer success team. Michael is a noted writer, speaker, and former competitive classical pianist -- in case you’re looking for a conversation starter.


If you’re really good at keeping customers, you can spend more to get customers. It’s simple math. If your customer value goes up, everyone in sales and marketing gets a raise and bigger budgets to go after new ones. So if sales and marketing leaders want raises and bigger budgets, they need to be making noise in support of greater investments in customer service.


A noted writer, speaker, and leader, Michael is ready to share his experience at HubSpot with us to help you re-envision what success looks like for your business. Here’s a hint: It’s about the customer.




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