Play Your Position with Mary Lou Kayser

Whether you’re single, married, happily partnered, or searching for love, you’ll be amazed at the insights shared by today’s guest, Karen Aberle.


Karen is the author of #1 Amazon bestseller Love’s Invisible Dance, inspired by her own juicy 30-year marriage, 3 decades of researching and teaching about relationship and the philosophy of language, and an 18-year apprenticeship with Huichol shamans of central Mexico.


She’s coached individuals and teams in Fortune 100 organizations including Comcast, Spectrum Reach, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, on the art of building strong professional relationships using the same skills she and her husband have taught around the globe in workshops for individuals and couples seeking more love in their lives. Karen is here to share her insight on the universal dance of relationship we’ve been doing all our lives, and to help us choreograph a more graceful dance with our loved ones and colleagues in order to achieve the life we truly want.


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