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Today’s starting quarterback is Rock Thomas, a best-selling author, Tony Robbins Trainer, Real Estate Mogul, the man behind the #IAmMovement and Mastermind Expert. After growing up on a farm, Rock learned the value of hard work and wanted a way to share his experiences by learning from the best and mentoring people so they can take a look at what they can do to make their lives better.


Rock Thomas’s MVP player Stats:


Rock is the CEO to M1 March To A Million mastermind and travels worldwide to motivate people to empower their businesses. His relationship with Tony Robbins gave him a significant influence on how he plays his position and how he shares his ideologies with others. Coming straight from his strategy play book, he advises people to generates leads, to feed their mission, come from providing value and learn to earn. He believes in action and taking action.


In this episode, Rock talks about how he manages mentoring while managing his own life, how he utilizes social media to speak to his community and the importance to limiting your activity on social platforms, and the time he fumbled the ball by, “trying to make the plays on my own”, and what plays he made to recover. You will also hear what great wisdom Rock shares for others and what steps to take to empower yourself and your business.


Having trouble finding something in your playbook that works for you? Try following the “3M” formula Rock stands by; Find the mentor you admire, model them, and master what they master.


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  • Gold Cast Video Programs touched 72 million people!
  • “Some people get crushed by their circumstances and they become smaller and they hide, and they play small.”
  • “We need to start to learn how to love ourselves…”
  • “It’s important to ask questions.”
  • “In life, if you do what is difficult, life will be easy and if you do what is easy, life will be difficult.”
  • “Nothing has meaning, but the meaning we give it.”



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