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You have to be living under a rock not to notice the massive changes going on around us every day. Cranes are silhouetted against city skylines; technology roars forward. 

I recently returned to the states after spending two weeks in the United Kingdom and Ireland and witnessed massive change everywhere I went. From the political and economic struggles surrounding Brexit to the opportunities the digital revolution is offering us to transform our lives, the world is in flux on a much bigger scale than in previous decades.

As more of us choose to deepen our leadership practices as business owners, creatives, parents, and active global citizens, I believe we need to consider adopting the attitude around change and evolution that the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had. I recently watched a documentary about him called “Lagerfeld Confidential” (French with English subtitles) which taught me a lot about a man I knew nothing about, to be completely honest. He epitomizes the spirit of PYP and stood for staying true to your vision even in the face of criticism and doubt.

In today's bonus audible, you will hear my insights about America as seen from being across the pond and why I have a new-found appreciation for a country that's struggling with its identity right now. You will also learn why we always have a choice about how we respond to the changes going on in the world: how hoping and wishing for things to go back to a different way of life in the past won't get us very far and how welcoming the opportunities that change offers us can bring us tremendous gifts if we open our hearts and minds to possibilities. 

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