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Today’s starting quarterback has “I have a crazy obsession with automating processes in your business so you can work less and make more money.”


Her name is Caroline Balinska -- aka the Ecommerce Growth Specialist. She is a forward-thinking game-changer with simple solutions for Merchants to get their first 1000 sales. 


THE FIRST 1000 ARE THE HARDEST! Caroline's ability to change the mindset of merchants is the real trick to her skill. Her bold, creative ideas make others take notice, and she presents them in her own unique way that is easy to understand for a newbie merchant. 


People watch to see what Caroline will do next because she thwarts traditional boundaries. Her ability to reformulate products, processes, and business models is her distinct advantage in the ever-changing world of eCommerce. 


Passionate about business and marketing, Caroline mentors and speaks professionally about a multitude of business and marketing topics and often focuses around marketing pertinent to eCommerce businesses.  


She also decided about six years ago that she wanted to live in Europe and so, packed up her bags and did just that! 


What I love most about Caroline is her no-nonsense attitude about getting things done. When she sets her mind to something, it happens. That's in the true spirit of being a PYP MVP!

= = = 


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