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D. Scott Smith is known as a Motivational Listener. He is a speaker, coach, and mentor who works with businesses and individuals across the country on improving their leadership skills including listening and networking.

Business Networking is essential for business and careers these days – but what do you actually do at events? How do you connect with a stranger? 

The answers to these questions are part of what Scott teaches through a science-based method to help professionals quickly and confidently build a network of advocates. He has an online course, books, and works with individuals to learn how to become Motivational Listeners. 


D. Scott Smith is the author of Motivational Listener: Be Interesting by Being Interested. Practical Skills to Be Successful at Business Networking Events. Prior to becoming a full-on entrepreneur, Scott worked in large and small companies in leadership roles including CEO, COO, and General Manager. He has lived and breathed financial services, agriculture, and manufacturing for many years and understands how recent changes to the business landscape are impacting these sectors. Scott is involved with joint ventures because he believes in the power of networking. He speaks on being a Motivational Listener (business networking), Leadership, and Intentional Change.  


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