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Over the past 25 years, Chuck Cooper has been involved at the ownership level with a number of companies across several different industries, but of all his work-related accomplishments, one stands above the rest. Chuck loves partnering with companies to develop their HR strategies. For him, the greatest reward is seeing clients achieve greater levels of success.

Chuck’s passion for helping to create better companies led him to found WhiteWater Consulting in March of 2019. WhiteWater Consulting defines and designs custom HR solutions that allow companies to create a positive culture, manage their expenses, and maximize their revenues. Specifically, Chuck helps his clients take care of their people through recruiting and talent management, payroll and compliance, compensation management, group health programs, corporate wellness and financial wellness plans, and much more.

To Chuck, faith and family are everything. When he isn’t working with companies to develop their HR strategies, he enjoys spending time with his grandkids, reading, photography, and college football. He has been richly blessed and happily married to Debbie, his wife of 35 years, and has three children and soon to be eight grandkids.



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