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Today's guest, Asa Mathat, is a visionary photographer who thrives on creating a world through pictures. His work empowers and inspires all who savor his creativity. Mathat has photographed the miracle of life, couples seeking to embellish the wonder each sees in each other, powerful forces of nature at their best, life-changing events and fashion as art. He has photographed some of the world’s most meaningful people such as the Dalai Lama, Warren Buffet and Bill Clinton. At the age of 18, Mathat borrowed a friend’s camera to photograph himself in an attempt to venture into modeling. When he applied at the first agency, the response he received was telling: “You look good, kid. But, WHO took these pictures? They are fantastic!” It was then Mathat realized his passion for photography was indeed a gift. Mathat gives back to society by using his talents to empower those affected by breast cancer.

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