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It’s fun listening to Thor Conklin. He is full of energy, insights and passion for helping people achieve peak performance. What I noticed right away about Thor was his conviction: what he shares with us in the first half of our conversation in today’s episode is nothing less than spectacular -- and totally doable. That’s another quality I admire in Thor. He breaks down big ideas that may at first seem too far out reach to someone just getting started or in a place of confusion. There is a reason, after all, why Thor is a successful business owner, author, executive coach and content-driven podcaster. Gritty, experienced and accessible, Thor brings to bear what holds people back from realizing their full potential. Through his latest venture, Peak Performance Nation, he teaches the tools, tips, tricks and strategies necessary to be a Peak Performer  no matter what you do for a living. He qualifies the psychology of success in one word: Execution. His mantra is, “Nothing you’ve learned matters – unless you can EXECUTE!” We hear you, Thor! Game on!

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