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My guest today is Aaron Marcum. Aaron Marcum has spent over two decades founding and scaling award-winning, multi-million-dollar enterprises that have left an indelible mark on North America. His journey began in the healthcare sector, where his leadership transformed the home care industry. Through his second startup, Aaron revolutionized the lives of countless entrepreneurs and millions of seniors receiving care. He pioneered the Best of Home Care® award program, setting a new industry standard for quality measurement.

Recognized with numerous accolades, Aaron’s visionary leadership and service have earned him a national speaking platform since 2006. He thrives in empowering audiences to effect positive change in both personal and professional spheres.

Beyond his business success, Aaron embraces life as a devoted husband, father, Christian, and strategic leadership coach with a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied under luminaries like Dr. Martin Seligman. Aaron’s passion lies in helping entrepreneurs eliminate stress, find their path to flourishing, and create “The Good Life.” Look out for his upcoming book, “EntreThrive,” which encapsulates his journey and the EntreThrive mission. Join him in the pursuit of a happier, more fulfilling life.

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