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After growing one of his first PPC clients from 25 to 250 employees, today’s starting quarterback Jake Baadsgaard realized he had a gift for using pay-per-click marketing to drive dramatic business results. To help more companies succeed online, Jake founded Disruptive Advertising, a PPC and CRO management agency that has helped hundreds of companies realize unprecedented growth and profitability from the online advertising space.

In the four years since its founding, Disruptive Advertising has grown from two employees working in Jake’ s basement to a flourishing agency with more than 120 employees and a run rate of over $18 million- putting it at #145 on the 2017 Inc 500 list!

Jake's ability to assess and clearly explain complicated issues has made him a favorite in a variety of forums. Jake is a regular contributor on a variety of blogs-- including notable publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes and SearchEngine Land-- where his wit and ability to make even tedious topics engaging elicits rave reviews from his readers.

Jake’s humor, charm, and insight aren’t limited to the written word, though. He has spoken at numerous events and webinars including SMX, Kissmetrics, Create Nation, Unbounce, PRSA, Starfest, VWO and others and has a gift for both entertaining and educating his audience. Attendees usually leave comments on how much they enjoyed his sessions-- and how much he gave them to think about.

As a business owner, author, and speaker, Jacob Baadsgaard ’s witty, thoughtful and genuine approach to pay-per-click advertising makes him a compelling leader in the digital marketing arena!


Jake Baadsgaard’s MVP player Stats:


Jake comes from a big family, the sixth out of ten kids to be exact, so growing up he needed a way to stand out to be “different.” With a natural driven and movement-oriented personality, Jake had no problem thriving and being just that, different. With a job at only eight years old, Jake learned the value and payoff of hard work. He would later discover his greatest skill set is understanding how to collect the right data, connect the right different datasets, and make simple but impactful marketing decisions!


In this episode, we talk about:

-the works of Jake’s disruptive advertising and skillset for collecting data

-how he manages the people involved with his team

-a time where he handled a difficult situation pertaining to relieving a specific member on his team

-how he had a reality check with his marriage counselor and his wife about her being a partner to his business and how that affected their relationship

-how he decided to have better routines and habits in his life, and

-times of inspirational moments that were great examples of having great habits and sticking to a goal


Want to better the habits in your life and focus on how to be competitive, connected, self-improving, and have a vision and map to be the person you want to be? Make sure to listen to this fantastic episode to get all of Jake’s great wisdom and strategies!


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  • “I don't actually have to be good at marketing. I just have to be really good at getting the right information and taking action on it.”


  • “The situation I keep finding myself in is hiring the wrong people and then holding on for too long and pushing off that hard conversation for too long.”


  • “The number one challenge that we're currently dealing with that needs to be addressed in some degree by all of us is being present and connected with ourselves and with others.”


  • “You’re changing the way people show up to work and think about themselves as participants in the workforce.”




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Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute


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