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Jason Brown is a big fan of Jim Rohn's quote: " Use the past as a school, not a club. Don't beat yourself up!" In today's episode, you will hear Jason's leadership story including how he managed to turn an investment that didn't work out into his life's calling -- and how he helps others take charge of their financial futures. 

Jason Brown is a finance graduate from Wayne State University with over a decade of experience in stocks and options trading. At the young age of 23, Jason started trading with a $10,000 student loan and grew it into a six-figure trading account. His passion for teaching others about stock market investing led him to create his own online education company “Power Trades University” which has helped thousands of students worldwide to start investing.

Jason is an active YouTuber with over 80,000 subscribers and his videos have reached over 1 million views. He is also the host of the “Money, Markets and Mindset Podcast”. Jason believes that anyone can profit from the stock market if they know what to look for, and how to spot low-risk but high-reward times to buy and sell combined with the right option strategies to supercharge returns and minimize risk.

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