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Today’s starting quarterback is Lee Caharer, the founder and CEO of Double Forte PR and Digital Marketing that works with beloved and up and coming consumer technology and wine brands. Lee is known for practical solutions to big problems. She is the author of two books Millennials and Management The Essential Guide to Making It Work at Work and the Boomerang Principle Inspiring Lifetime Loyalty from Employees. Her big laugh and sense of humor have gotten her out of a lot of trouble and she splits time between San Francisco and New York City where she puts her degree in medieval history to work every single day.



Lee Caharer’s MVP player Stats:


Lee is in the digital marketing and national public relations world. She and her team provide companies with the tools they need to improve performance in intergenerational relationships, communication, and leadership.


In this episode, Lee talks about the changes in PR and digital marketing and how the industry has evolved from the ways we once communicated with each other to how we communicate today via social platforms. Times have changed drastically, so the importance of staying relevant is key to keeping up with technology and culture. Lee shares her thoughts about the roles each generational group has set for their standards and how this has created a conflict between what is right and what is relevant. She explains the benefits between different groups like Baby Boomer and Millenials and creates a positive and effective workplace when she brings the generations together. We get to hear some of the fumbles Lee has encountered through her journey as well as the winning touchdown moment she had while working at Sega.


We also get a glimpse into the world of San Francisco and Silicon Valley and what sustainability looks like there. Lee shares some thoughts and experiences she has had about what she's experienced in those two places. You won't want to miss that!


Having trouble finding something in your playbook that works for you? Try following these three key offensive strategies straight from Lee’s playbook: Listen loudly, make a decision and call the play, and decide if it’s working or not. Can you make it better and listen again and implement again? If yes, do it!


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  • “As the Quarterback for my company, it’s really about looking long and playing short to get there.”


  • “You have to play really short games all the time and understand who your people are, what they're good at, and what their role can be so they can do their job to move everybody forward.”


  • “It’s also super important in our business, do not put all your eggs into one basket, ever.”


  • “How you decide what’s going to have a chance and what isn’t, is half the battle.”


  • “Sometimes it’s good to be up in the stands so you can see the whole field.”


  • Listen more loudly.”




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