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As president and CEO of On the Same Page Consulting, Michael Alan Tate works with successful executives, entrepreneurs, and technical professionals who are seeking a simple action-focused plan to effectively manage career transitions, keep teams on the same page, and prepare for positive leadership succession.

With over 20 years’ experience as an executive coach, consultant, and strategist, Mike knows that successful people want to navigate the murky waters of career transition as quickly and effectively as possible. Drawing on his own experience, Mike developed a unique consulting strategy, in which he helps each of his clients create a powerful and succinct strategic plan, incorporating prioritized actions and accountabilities set in a whole-life perspective -- all in just 24 hours.


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After going through a crisis of depression and being sick, Michael quit his job and went to his career counselor who would give him a personality test and suggested he be in HR. After sending out 500 resumes, Michael only got one response, sending him into a deeper depression. About three years later, Michael realized he chose the world’s worst strategy to find work and made it his calling to help other people know the way to find a life-giving career in a life-giving way.


In this episode, Michael talks about what a life-giving career is. He talks about some key points from his book, The White Shirt, about knowing who you are, what your skills, interests, and values are, as well as finding the key interest in your career and how to find a job before looking back to ask, “who am I and where do I fit?” Michael’s plan is to help and coach people who feel discouraged by finding “their way” and into their career. As a mentor himself, Michael talks about some of the influential people in his life who have contributed to his life-giving ways.


Make sure to give this episode a listen if you are stuck finding the career that is for you! Don’t just give into the grind or hanging around a job you don’t like just to end up in a dead-end career. Make the change! Hear some of the key offensive strategies Michael shares on this episode to further your career path and design a life that matters snow!


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  • “Most people don't know what they want, but they're pretty sure they don't have it.” – Alfred E Neuman


  • “Two are better than one, for one falls down, there'd be another pick him up, and we all know how much easier it is to have someone when you get discouraged to talk to encourage you.”


  • The White Shirt is the only career book in the world that has ever been designed to be worked with a friend or a mentor.”


  • “A part of a survey said that 34% of millennials with PhDs are underemployed, most are working part time because they used the wrong strategy [to find work].”


  • “My process for my business is, first, sharpen your focus. Second, strengthen your relationships.”



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