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What does it take to optimize a small business for scale?

For many small business owners, scaling can feel overwhelming and out of reach. In today's episode, I talk with Paul Jackson who sees things very differently. Paul is the Founder and CEO at Method — the complete process automation tool for businesses that use QuickBooks and Xero. He believes that building small business software with a one-sizefits-all mentality is lazy and outdated. This firm belief, paired with his experience as a self-taught coder and entrepreneur, resulted in Paul’s empathy for small business owners. It also sparked his passion for changing the software landscape. While living in a bike shed during university, Paul built and sold his first business, QXpress (a field service scheduling app). 

After that, Paul started Method, a company driven to equalize the future of small business technology. Method is an entirely customizable platform for small businesses that want to simplify their unique way of working. Method is best known for its flagship product, Method:CRM.

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