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Happy New Year, Part 2! In today’s episode you will hear 23 remarkable voices of the men who appeared on the Play Your Position Podcast in 2023. Below you will find a list of these men in alphabetical order by first name along with a way to connect with them. I encourage you to follow and reach out to the ones who resonate with you and your passions and goals.


From financial literacy to resonating stories of resilience and the power of community, these speakers underscore the multidimensionality of leadership. Together, they harmonize to redefine the essence of leadership in our era. It's a truly inspirational listen. Enjoy!


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The Men in Alphabetical Order

Andy Hite 

Bryce Henson 

Chris Larsen 

Dr. Taylor Hartman 

Gordon Graham 

James Cluskey 

Jason Shen 

John Gumas 

John Ovrom 

Josh Greene 

Kevin Maney 

Luis Scott 

Mark Brodinsky 

Mark Yegge 

Mario Lanzarotti 

Owen McGab 

Patrick Woods 

Paul Jackson 

Richard Newman 

Rob Commodari 

Tim Yurek 

Tony Castillo 

Zack Slingsby 


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