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Every year, at the end of the year, I like to take the voices of the amazing leaders I had the privilege of speaking with over the past 12 months, and putting them together into one large file where we can listen to the amazing ideas and insights and inspiration they shared. 

This year, I decided to do something different. I divided my guests into the women and the men. In this episode, you will hear the voices of the 13 incredible women from 2023 who shared their unique leadership journey with all of us here at PYP. Get ready to be inspired!

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The Women in Alphabetical Order:

Alice Tang 

Amina Moreau 

April Mitchell 

Barbara Turley 

Catherine Tindall 

Dr. Brigitte Piniewski 

Dr. Jean Oursler 

Lisa Seal 

Marybeth Gregg 

Melissa Hughes 

MiMi Chau 

Spencer Snakard 

Stephanie Nivinskus 

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