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Just about everyone knows that the American Dream as it was once presented is no longer attainable. It's not that the dream itself is dead -- it simply needs to be redefined. Today's guest is Tim Yurek, a highly accomplished financial consultant veteran and thought leader in his industry who is leading the conversation about how to redefine and achieve the new American Dream. Time believes the best leaders question everything and in our conversation, he talks about why.

As the founder and CEO of Tier 1 Capital, Tim has spent over 35 years helping 1000s of people across the country achieve their financial goals. He specializes in growing businesses, attracting and retaining top talent, planning for business succession, and converting business equity into cash. With his global recognition and membership in the million dollar round table, Tim offers valuable insights and strategies to his clients to help them achieve financial freedom. His expertise has been featured on major media outlets such as Bloomberg TV, and he recently launched his podcast. 

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