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Tracy Timm is a born and raised Texas girl who has a very specific goal: to make life simple again. She does that as a quarter-life career coach and human capital advisor. Her program, The Nth Degree™ Academy, helps high-potential professionals discover their career “sweet spot” through a mix of self-discovery, tactical training, and some much-needed tough love. Tracy has a degree in behavioral psychology from Yale, a severely bruised ego from working on Wall Street, and has logged one trip around the entire globe. She believes that our unique purpose in life can be realized through our careers, and wants to help people come alive at work once again.


Tracy Timm’s MVP player Stats:


Tracy’s early career life started in the typical 9 to 5 with benefits and stability. After making some decisions to change up her profession, she started her own business as a career coach. After about two years, Tracy found a similar pattern in the needs of the people she spoke with and that led to the creation of The Nth Degree™ Academy.


In this episode, we talk about the importance of getting help from coaches and mentors and how one particular coach made a major difference in Tracy’s life. This coach ultimately gave her not only a great business strategy but also time with her father whose health was failing. Tracy also shares her thoughts on how people nowadays have so much opportunity to make money in so many ways by monetizing what they love doing.


Tracy also shares some great insights about finding the career you want using unconventional ways because the majority of the jobs on the market are “hidden” and really only secured through networking.


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  • “Doing introspection on yourself, especially if you're at a job, is stressful. You're living your life, you're trying to take care of yourself and build a name for yourself and it's like doing open heart surgery on yourself.”


  • “You owe it to yourself to realize that you're gonna get there faster by asking for help.”


  • “You don't realize that money's not the solution until you have the money and it's not the solution.”


  • "Coaches are everything. Every athlete knows that it's one tweak that can make the difference...seeing you from an objective third party perspective can change your swing ever so slightly or change the strategy of throwing the ball ever so's those small tweaks from someone who's an expert in the process that really changes the game."


  • “We better believe successful people are getting good help and they're constantly reinvesting in coaches.”


  • “We have to make a fundamental shift between being victims of our lives and our circumstances and being in control.”


  • "The majority of the job market is fundamentally hidden."



If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules by Cherie Carter-Scott


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