Play Your Position with Mary Lou Kayser

When I was in my twenties, I loved buying expensive shoes at Nordstrom. While I’m not nearly as obsessed with fancy shoes as I was in those days, I still enjoy splurging once in awhile on a great pair of kicks. In fact, I know plenty of women whose appetites for shoes and other fashion accessories have only increased over the years. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what people decide to spend their money on because it’s a personal decision. Some women like shoes. Some men like motorcycles. Most people at some point or another ask asks themselves the following question: How can I play my position better? As much as we’d like a one-size-fits-all answer, no such thing exists. A vacation to Maui every spring is the answer a friend of mine offers. More naps is the answer of another. And I’m not joking. Figuring out who we are, what we stand for and what we want in this life are universal themes we will encounter. Some meet these questions early and get them all dialed in. Others spend a lifetime trying to unravel the knots of expectation thrust upon them in childhood before they had a voice of their own.  I have always known who I am and have two incredible parents to thank for allowing me and my brother to be who we were growing up rather than trying to fit us into some kind of mold that wasn’t aligned with our core. Playing our position is tough enough without having to battle external forces for the right position. Life is fundamentally about the paradox of embracing and accepting being who we are while figuring out how to do that better each day throughout our lives -- in the face of enormous and inevitable change and social pressure to conform to someone else’s ideal of who we should be. Thank goodness Nordstrom is still around for those times when nothing but a new pair of shoes will do the trick. #pyp

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