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100 is a nifty number. It’s many people’s favorite currency denomination (who doesn’t like having a pocket full of Benjamins). It carries a certain and enviable weight. Just saying the words “one hundred” can send currents of excitement through our brains.

Did you know, for example, that the numerology number 100 represents energy that's self-determined, independent, and has infinite potential?

That the number 100 can be seen as a practically unlimited number 1?

That it is highly self-sufficient and feels comfortable being alone doing what it prefers to do for its own reasons?

Okay, some of this may be a bit meta for Team PYP, but in celebration of my 100th episode this week, I wanted to pass along some interesting trivia about the number 100. I share some of these fascinating tidbits in the show itself. But for this part of my show description, I am passing on what I recently learned about the number 100 as it relates to numerology.

In numerology, the number 1 brings independence, leadership qualities, and the ability to work alone to the number 100. The number 0 brings openness, wholeness, comprehensiveness, and infinity to the number 100.

The two energies, 0 representing all that is and 1 representing aloneness, may appear to be incompatible. But they enhance each other when combined, making 100 a powerful and universally appealing factor (maybe that’s why number 1 is such a popular jersey number). With the influence of both the number 1 and the number 0, 100 can be seen as a virtually unlimited number 1. And that, to me, is super cool.

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