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“At my lowest point, I ate 88 cent pasta and $1.88 sauce from Walmart for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It literally saved my life,” says today’s PYP MVP Rob Dial. Those days may be behind him, but Rob will never forget them. "Being an entrepreneur is like waking up and getting punched in the face every single day,”  he says. “You have to develop a CEO mindset and model your actions after the people you want to be like.” A shy kid who was bullied a lot, Rob grew up in a city whose claim to fame is being the #1 city in America where kids overdose on pills. His dad died from alcoholism when Rob was a teenager, and life in general was hard. Rob believes these tough experiences gave him the drive to become a 7-figure business builder -- twice -- all before he turned 30. No stranger to hardship or hard work, Rob has reached a point in his life today where he recognizes that experiences are far more valuable than things. “I’ve had the cars, the house, the stuff,” he says. “I’ve had it all and lost it all. I like life better now. I’m in a good place.”

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