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Jane Jackson and I have never met in person. In fact, I "met" Jane Jackson via a video she made as part of an online course I took in June. I live in Oregon in the US and she lives in Sydney, Australia. I was so impressed with her message and presence, I reached out to her on LinkedIn and the rest is history. That's the way it works today. I often comment to my guests each week how we never would have connected were it not for this phenomenal thing called the Internet. It has literally opened the world to all of us and the looming question is: how will you leverage it today to get the ball of your life, business and/or career into the end zone? Now one thing about Jane I want to mention is she knows nothing about American football, yet was such a terrific sport throughout our conversation as I tossed out one football metaphor after another. We laughed a lot, and at one time she even called a time out!

Here's what else you will want to know about Jane Jackson -- she is a career coach, author, speaker, podcast host, image consultant and workshop leader who is committed to helping all of us live a life less ordinary. Her book, Navigating Career Crossroads: How to Thrive when Changing Direction, is a #1 Amazon bestseller and definitely worth the read. Even if you aren’t going through a career transition right now, Jane’s book has useful tips and exercises that you can use to fine tune your current position. She’s got sections on values clarification, choosing a suitable wardrobe and how to connect effectively with key decision makers on social media platforms like LinkedIn. She’s been featured in all kinds of great publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan. Mother of two beautiful daughters, Jane lives in Australia where she runs her international business and brings a lot of class to everything she does.


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