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Leadership Lift: “Our level of success rarely exceeds our level of personal development.” Jim Rohn


January is traditionally the month where millions set goals for how the next 12 months will be different than the previous 12. I bet you set at least one goal for the year -- how are you doing with it?


Don’t worry if it’s not going like you thought. Huddle up with it again for ten minutes to explore what’s working and why you could be off your game. Be sure to be crystal clear about why this one goal is important to you. Clarity often solves pesky problems.


In today's show, I share with you 5 ways to show up differently this year. Self leadership is grounded in several tenants including conscious decision making about all aspects of our life. Sometimes making changes we know we need to make can be overwhelming.

That's why I subscribe to the notion of making small shifts -- little things that over time add up to big things.


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