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Welcome to this week’s audible. Last week I dropped the first part of this 2 part series exploring the question, Is self help selfish? And in that episode, I shared my initial thoughts about that question.

If you haven’t listened to that episode, if you are just tuning into PYP for the first time, welcome -- be sure to go back and listen to episode #134 but for the sake of time here’s a spoiler alert -- I concluded that self help is not selfish.


What happens when we become too obsessed with knowing ourselves? What happens then?

Is all this obsession with self help making us a culture of raging narcissists who can’t get out of the weeds of our own lives and our own problems because self help can perpetuate our feelings of unease and confusion?

Do we believe we have more problems than we actually do as a consequence of immersing ourselves in personal development activities?

And, where do we draw the line between doing the self help work like journaling or talk therapy or reading books or listening to podcasts like PYP...and when do those activities become a problem in their own right and get us stuck in the self help blender?

In today’s audible I’ll explore the question:

Are we too focused on self help at the expense of things that might be better for us in the long run?

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