Play Your Position with Mary Lou Kayser

This week on the Play Your Position Podcast, Mary Lou dives into the topic of expectations and the role they play in our lives. Expectations for ourselves -- expectations of and for others. Some of the questions she will explore include:


  • What are expectations? 
  • How do they play a role in us playing our positions? 
  • What happens when we don’t meet our expectations or others don’t meet what we expect of them? 
  • What are some expectations beyond the playing field we can consider for developing a sound leadership practice and experiencing a higher quality of life?


Expectations play a huge role in how we think and act. They play a big role in our overall quality of life, how satisfied we feel. When we take the time to sit down and think through the expectations we’ve set for ourselves and others, we can begin to pinpoint what's causing us to feel dissatisfied and then -- if we want to improve -- we can make strides to replace them with ones that lead to feelings of more satisfaction.


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