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I worked for a company in the 2000s where one of the messages leadership drilled into our heads was “You’re not here to be average.” 


The products we sold were not average. The sales team was not average. The owner of the company was not average. And these were good things. I loved hearing this message over and over again because it helped me when times got tough, as times did then, and as times do now.


Reminding myself that I’m not here to be average still helps center me all these years later.

I got to thinking about this phrase today when I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a list Ramit Sethi posted on his feed called “5 thoughts on standing out.” If you haven’t heard of Ramit, he’s the author of the best selling book I Will Teach You to Be Rich. He has also built a sizable online business based on that book.


Here’s what’s on the list:


-The rarest thing in the world is a strong point of view

-You’re not trying to serve everyone, just the right people

-There’s always room for the best

-Creating a real business should be hard and it should take time

-Choose your heroes carefully


What stands out for you on this list? Are you choosing to live an average life or an extraordinary one? How can you tell?


That's the topic of today's episode.


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