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Mary Mosham is an award-winning leadership coach, mindfulness teacher, and author. She specializes in leadership, team, and personal development, yoga and meditation, and corporate mindfulness.

With over 20 years’ experience in corporate change consulting and management at Cisco and Fortune 100 companies, she pioneered innovative people development solutions and led global change efforts that enhanced organization, leadership, and team performance.

Mary earned a master’s degree in organization development from Pepperdine University and ICF professional coach certifications from New Ventures West and Marcus Buckingham Company. She has received numerous awards, including Cisco’s Coach of Excellence award. She is a certified facilitator in leading-edge programs and assessments, including Potential Project’s corporate mindfulness programs, Leadership Circle Profile™, Hogan, StandOut, Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i®), and Enneagram.

She is the author of Mindful Career: Seven Keys to End Burnout and Unlock Your Greatest Potential. Away from work, she is passionate about traveling, hiking, healthy living, sponsoring the Tibetan Children Foundation, and creating a more sustainable world.



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