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Today's guest is Brett Snodgrass, a distinguished real estate investor with 15+ years of expertise. Brett is a versatile entrepreneur excelling in flipping, creative financing, and business scaling. As the driving force behind SIMPLE QUARTERS, his team handles 250+ property transactions annually while also orchestrating 50+ creative financing deals for passive income.

Seamlessly integrating faith and business acumen, Brett extends opportunities and spreads the mission of God. An active member of The Collective Genius, Brett contributes to philanthropy, supporting missions like Transforming Futures. Featured on prominent podcasts and hosting “The Iron Deep Podcast,” Brett thrives with his team.

Passionate about ministering to entrepreneurs, he founded Iron Deep in 2021, a unique men’s community focusing on purpose in Christ. Imperfect yet driven, Iron Deep is a band of brothers encouraging personal and professional growth, prioritizing significance over success. Brett, a devoted family man, values impactful ministries, aiming to empower the vulnerable for a thriving life.

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