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Jake Carlson is a business leader, an inspirational speaker, and a 9-5 dropout. After 11 years as a tax attorney, he chose “different”. Taking his three kids out of school for the adventure of a lifetime, the family spent a year living in 12 countries from Bagan, Myanmar to Paris, France, overcoming robbery, red-eye flights and Haggis while learning to love the rich cultures of the world. All of which he expected. What he didn’t expect was the journey of Leadership this decision would create. From the high-rises of London to the nipa huts of Malaysia, the need for strong leadership is everywhere. But where are the leaders? Jake is on a mission to help Elite Achievers become leaders by mastering the CIA of Influence: Conviction, Irresistibility & Accountability. Join us today for a lively conversation full of exciting adventure stories and insights on how to become a better leader!



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