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Imagine it’s another normal day. You're driving to work, thinking about what’s on tap for you and your business. You are 27 years old, you have worked hard for the last 14 years to build a multi-million dollar business, taking you out of poverty and into the realms of the world’s elite entrepreneurs.


Suddenly, you accidentally hit a pedestrian. Time stops. This day is forever frozen in your mind. You come to find out the person you hit didn't make it.


How different would your life be?


Today’s returning PYP MVP Aaron Walker, Founder of View from the Top and Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind, knows exactly what his life would be like because this happened to him on August 1, 2001. He says it’s a day he will never forget and all these years later, it still gives him tremendous pain to tell the story.


Aaron recently joined me in the PYP studio for an encore conversation to catch me up on where his life has taken him since we first spoke back in July of 2015. Aaron is one of those incredible humans who exemplifies servant leadership and living his purpose. Since we last spoke, Aaron published the book he was working on when we talked three years ago, as well as grown his mastermind business that, at its core, motivates ordinary men to become extraordinary.


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  • Who do you know who is currently looking for a new job and continues to hit dead ends in their job search?
  • What is the secret to landing your next great job with your dream company -- without going through the hassle and frustration of online job applications?
  • How does anyone -- at any age -- find meaningful work that pays well when the job application process is fundamentally broken?

Maybe you’re like today’s PYP MVP Austin Belcak (“Bell-sack”) who found himself applying for more than 300 jobs online and getting zero responses. Sick and tired of going nowhere fast, Austin did what any awesome PYP MVP would do -- he got creative and began searching for answers from people who were doing the kind of work he dreamed about doing.

Today Austin is not only happily employed, but he’s well-compensated for the contributions he makes. AND -- it gets even better! He loves to share his process and insider tips for landing your great next opportunity no matter your age. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

MVP Player Highlights

Austin Belcak is the founder of Cultivated Culture, where he teaches people how to use unconventional strategies to land jobs they love in today’s market -- without connections, without traditional “experience,” and without applying online.

Austin’s strategies have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, Inc, and more. He’s grown his community to over 10,000 job seekers who have leveraged his advice to land job offers at Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, ESPN, and more. Austin is ready to share his step-by-step breakdown of the process that has helped hundreds of people land amazing jobs at the world’s best companies.


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The rise of people marking themselves safe on social media after yet another tragedy is a growing leadership problem.


My central question on today’s bonus audible of the Play Your Position Podcast is:


What role can each of us play in solving it?



Click here for more information about past guests, your host, and other awesome resources designed to help you run your ball into the end zone. 

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For anyone who works in a diverse culture, today's episode of the Play Your Position Podcast is not to be missed.

I had the chance to talk with the authors of the popular book Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for 
Women to Succeed at Work, married lawyers Andie Kramer and Al Harris who have been speaking and writing about gender communication for more than 30 years.


What they understand about good communication goes beyond gender. That's one of the many takeaways I picked up after our conversation and there are plenty more that we can all apply to what we do every day in and out of the "office."

What I admire about this power couple is they bring a unique viewpoint to both women and men looking to navigate gender bias. They are frequent keynote speakers, and conduct workshops for multinational organizations to better understand the world of gender bias.


Today they’re helping us understand that the glass ceiling still exists and what we can do to keep moving forward while working together. Be sure to tune in and keep the conversation going by sharing this episode on social media!

Thanks so much for listening. :-)



Could you or your organization benefit from a quick executive communications refresher and boost? I'm currently taking new client consultations (free) on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11 am and 1 pm Pacific to see if there's a good fit. Click here to learn more!

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