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Ari Meisel is an author, speaker, coach and the creator of Less Doing, More Living, a set of practices and principles designed to help the overwhelmed become more effective.

These practices were born out of Ari's battle with Crohn's disease. As his illness progressed, he began to optimize, automate, and outsource everything in his life so that he could completely focus on healing his body.

Inspired to help entrepreneurs and companies Ari now teaches them how to offload the majority of their activities so they can grow, prosper and spend more time doing the things that truly matter most.

Ari Meisel’s MVP player Stats:


At age 23, Ari found himself in $3 million of personal debt and diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Despite all odds, Ari turned things around, overcoming his illness and eventually competing in the Iron Man.


Ari realized a big part of his illness was based on stress. This realization influenced him to create a new system of productivity which is Less Doing, More Living. The goal of Ari's system is to teach people how to optimize, automate and outsource as much they can to be more effective. Ari's mission is to grow this system in the form of books, speaking, coaching, consulting, and business growth methodology.


In this episode, we talk about ways to optimize, automate, and outsource both your life and business. Ari talks about some of his key influencers including David Bach and Dan Sullivan, some of the tools/apps he uses for his team such as Voxer, and his thoughts on today’s technology and communication.


Make sure to listen to get some of Ari’s key offensive strategies to help you be more effective with your time and energy!


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“I think that there was my life before that talk and my life after that talk.”


“If we get intentional and we know what different tools are used for, why? When?…that becomes a lot more manageable.”


“who are you people and why are you hitting our API 2 million times every month?”


“About three weeks ago we hit $1 million in revenue and it's the first time in my life where I feel like this is my first million.”


“I don't want people to, in an absolute sense, do less things, but I want you to do less of the things that you don't want to do and more of the joy and the genius that you can have.”


“If you take the mindset that instead of putting out fires, you want to build a fireproof.”


“Either learn how to use it or stop using it.”



Ari’s Book: The Art Of Doing Less

Free Mini Course

App: Less Doing Peak Time



Joe Polish

David Bach

Dan Sullivan

Book: The Master Mind

Social: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


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A former punter in both the NFL and European football league, today’s starting quarterback on PYP is Nick J. Murphy who has reinvented himself several times since kicking a pigskin to earn a living. Today Nick is a StoryBrand Certified Guide and sought after expert in the world of work. His career highlights include award-winning tenures at CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed where he worked to optimize the effectiveness of F500 National Accounts across industries. His candid insights have been featured in national media like USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Fox News, Inc., Reader’s Digest and more. He is the author of the recent book, Unboxed: An Unfiltered Guide to Creating a Career on Your Terms. Nick divides his time between Omaha NE and Scottsdale AZ with his wife and five children.


Nick J. Murphy’s MVP player Stats:


Nick’s position and main focus is all about integration, balance, and showing up for the people in his life that need him. It’s most important for Nick that he is a good father, husband, and entrepreneur to his business ensuring its growth and helping people create careers on their terms.


After getting out of the NFL at 26 and doing pretty well working in a corporate setting, Nick and his buddy decided to start a video resume company to help people with nontraditional backgrounds give them a 62nd elevator pitch to supplement a text resume. It is here where Nick learned a lot about how companies hire people, the corporate world, and later taking that expertise to his career journey at CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed. But this wasn’t enough for Nick. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and so, that’s what he did! He decided to help people explore the area in between security from within a cubicle and freedom by going completely crazy and going all full entrepreneurship like he did.


In this episode, we talk about Nick’s journey in all the career paths he’s taken and where he’s at today. Nick talks about the importance of taking control of your career and the path and steps you take to get there. He shares key offensive strategies that are straight from his playbook about utilizing leverage to build your business or career and how it can help reduce the number of sacrifices you’ve made trying to build the greatest business or career in a corporate job. Nick also shares times of difficulty, what he did to recover, and how he uses that experience to coach and mentor others.  


Through his book, podcast, and course Nick is leading people on this path of success so they can take control of their entrepreneurial venture or career.


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  • “Unlike maybe a linebacker or wide receiver or positions on the line, there's one punter on a roster, you're the starter or you're unemployed and so there are 32 jobs on the planet and I like to tell people that you have a three times better chance of being a United States senator than an NFL punter or an NFL kicker. There's a hundred of them. There's 32 of us. So I think in terms of like survival or trying to find what it is that, you're cut out to do and having to reinvent yourself and the inevitable ups and downs… I think football, particularly playing that position was a really good foray into, it's going to accelerate that whole thing. You're going to be the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, probably oftentimes within the span of months or weeks. And you better be very, very mentally tough. You better be very focused and disciplined and you better have it damn good idea of what you want to do and how you want to do it.”


  • “…people are operating in this false choice that you have to settle for a corporate job where you sacrifice and you expend a lot of energy and you work really hard and you try to climb the ladder and you do all the right things and maybe you get the recognition, maybe you don't. Yeah. But that job could go away tomorrow.”


  • “The thing that drives me the craziest is people will look at entrepreneurship or a side hustle or doing the work to expand your skillset or, look at other options to diversify your income as 'risky' when the riskiest thing you can do is stay in a job that you have no control over. When you're 100% rely on it”


  • “How are you putting your career to work for you, to protect you from things that are uncertain. Are you paying off your debt? Are you living below your means? Are you saving away for, for kind of rainy days?”


  • “Getting back up and rebuilding is actually probably one of the most fun parts, in hindsight, it doesn't feel comfortable in the moment. But looking back that reset and starting from zero and building what you want, knowing what you know, actually was a really enjoyable piece of my journey.”


  • “If you're not feeling hard, you're not pushing yourself hard enough. If you haven't failed, you're too comfortable and you should become 50% uncomfortable in the next thing that you do... don't go crazy, don't risk everything. But at the same time, if you're just comfortable, then you push it. You're not achieving your full potential if everything's just easy and safe and fun.”


  • “The one I always talk about is challenging your condition beliefs. Each and every one of them. There is no one way, there is no right way. There's no wrong way, and a lot of the things that we take either historically or that we've kind of absorbed through Osmosis in our environment or through conditioning just flat out aren't true. There is a way to have it all. Don't have to sacrifice things you're not willing to sacrifice.”



Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Get Nick's book UNBOXED on Amazon here!


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Looking for a dynamic, interesting, insightful, creative, and fun speaker for your next leadership training or event? Get in touch here to learn about how I can help you run your leadership ball into the End Zone! 


= = = = =


Hey Team!


Today I am celebrating the 200th episode of the Play Your Position Podcast with an audible about Tiger Woods winning the Masters yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia. In it, I share my thoughts about this accomplishment, what Tiger Woods represents for Americans and some larger questions about leadership.


Enjoy, and thank you Team PYP for hanging in there with me for 200 episodes! You guys are seriously the best podcast listeners out there!




= = = = =


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Bryan and Shannon Miles are determined to help you grow your business with the help of bringing freelancers on board to achieve your goals. Bryan and Shannon Miles are determined to help you grow your business with the help of bringing freelancers on board to achieve your goals.

This power husband and wife team are today's starting QB and wide receiver and they will prove that the way we work today is just plain different than it was ten years ago.


Bryan Miles can’t sit still. He is an entrepreneur, backpacker, mountain climber, writer, husband, and father. In addition, he’s the CEO and Co-Founder of BELAY, a premium staffing company serving businesses all over the U.S. He and his wife, Shannon, are proud co-owners.

Creating and fostering a healthy culture has always been close to Bryan’s heart. He has written about it for years and has put all of his thoughts into his second book, Virtual Culture: The Way We Work Doesn’t Work Anymore.

Bryan loves to mentor other entrepreneurs and small business owners to reach their full potential, sitting on the board of Radical Mentoring and two other organizations. Welcome to the show Bryan.

Shannon Miles is a master delegator. She and her husband Bryan grew a 2 person operation into a staff of 60 corporate team members by seeing where they were the strongest and delegating the rest. They lead with trust and have a thriving business built on the premise that adults are adults and can handle their business. The pair are also visionaries on the virtual workplace.

Shannon’s passion, in addition to helping others realize the freedom they receive from delegating, is to bring to light the challenges women face in the workplace. From finding the courage to ask your boss for a flexible schedule, to deciding if there is an option for you outside 100% full-time onsite office work and a 100% full-time stay at home mom. Shannon has walked the walk and is here to lead other women on the journey to find their own Third Option - which happens to be the title to her book. 

The Third Option: Why a Woman Doesn’t Have to Choose Between a Career and Family, but Can Actually Have Both and Succeed

Bryan and Shannon Miles’ MVP player Stats:


Bryan Miles Co-CEO role is building deeper networking relationships with strategic partners, guiding the COO and CFO.


Shannon Miles Co-CEO role is on the operational and empowerment sides of their business. She represents Belay in the marketplace and speaks at different events.


In this episode, we learn about how Tim Ferris’s book, Four-Hour Work Week brought the idea of this virtual assistants businesses to life for Bryan and Shannon. They realized no one was executing on the idea of matching virtual assistants with businesses and knew something could be improved. With Bryan’s past experience with his company using a virtual assistant, it was no brainer!


Bryan and Shannon talk about their lives before their business, what they were doing, and how they started the business idea that would later grow into a team of 60 corporate team members!


We get to hear their thoughts about what it’s like working together (husband and wife) and what challenges they face, how they’ve switched roles and positions in their company, how they gain wisdom and advice from mentors and savvy business people in Atlanta and how they formed a business based off of delegation, what their process is for gaining talent on their team, and what sort of vision they have for their business.


Bryan shares some details about his talent pool, such as the average hourly rate, what type of hours are expected and what is expected of them and their duties. Make sure to give this episode a listen!


Keep the conversation going by sharing this episode with your friends, colleagues, and social media!


Thanks so much for listening. 🙂



  • “When a company is growing 30% year over year or more, the fastest way to continue that scale is to create a leadership pipeline internally where people can grow up with the organization versus go to the outside for that solution.”


  • “In a virtual environment, how you work with somebody and how you, how you really treat them as you know, is very important. And so these people that we find are really great people, we get over 2000 resumes a month. So we find the best of the best to basically represent our company and support our clients in a dedicated, or an assigned relationship.”


  • “…I was talking to him and I mentioned the word 'own' and he stopped me and he said, 'You don't own anything right now.' And I'm like, 'What? What are you talking about? Yes, I do.' I just, you know, I'm so offended. I said, 'Well, all right, what are you trying to tell me?' Hey said, 'You don't own the business right now. Right now, you RUN a business. The day that the business doesn't need you day-to-day is the day that you OWN the business.'"


  • “It's the recognition that you can't grow and scale an organization and do it all yourself. Like if you want to have something of significance, you have to enlist help and trust the team to do the work.”


  • “Start to discern the things that you love doing and the things that you hate doing because, what I've discovered is those things that you hate doing and you keep doing them, those are the best things for you to outsource.”




Bryan Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Shannon Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Life is good today but that wasn’t always the case for today's guest, Josh McLean. Over the past decade, Josh has overcome the crippling effect of fear and a brain injury resulting from a car accident. His success proves small actions and a strong mindset can spark powerful transformation; eliminating the feeling of being drained, conflicted, confused, and hopeless.

Josh has spent 15 years in Finance and Strategy, managing highly engaged teams and holding management positions across iconic brands including Nike, KinderCare Education, and Ameriprise Financial.

His recent book Catalyst: Ignite Your Spark Within To Achieve Powerful Transformation, brings his signature blend of humor, passion, candor, & poignant personal experiences directly to the lives of restless achieves looking to create a more fulfilling life.

Josh McLean’s MVP player Stats:


Josh’s day job is Finance Strategy at Nike, but he is also on a speaking authorship journey serving his mission to share his voice and give his audiences hope about what's possible in life. Josh is also a husband and the proud father of two girls.


In this episode, Josh shares his story of struggle that began with a traumatic experience in the 7<sup>th</sup> grade that shattered his self-confidence. You see, Josh developed a very deep voice at a young age and consequently, he was teased and humiliated that only deepened his fear and self-doubt. His insecurities eventually led him down the all-too-common path of drugs and alcohol to numb his pain, which then led to depression and suicidal thoughts. After many months of questioning his habits, he cleaned his slate and embraced a corporate identity. Playing this game for a while, he would soon find his world crashing down again, this time from a car accident, leaving him to slog through three years of intense rehab.


Josh teaches us how he made certain life decisions that have allowed him to play his current position, spreading his voice to help others shed light on possibilities, life transformations, setting goals, taking action and putting meaning into your life with healthy choices.


Make sure to listen to hear some phenomenal key offensive strategies straight from Josh’s playbook!


Keep the conversation going by sharing this episode with your friends, colleagues, and social media!


Thanks so much for listening. :-)




  • “I realized that I had been playing a spectator sport of looking upon other people's lives and I had been too afraid to get in the game.”


  • “...most people are in this self-deception mode that I'm trying to subtly and sometimes forcibly, grab the sledgehammer and let's just take that down and have an honest conversation and say, are you actually playing the game that you say you want to?”


  • “You have to ask yourself, are you willing to do the work behind your goals or we'll use it and passively complain and let life pass you by. “


  • “…some people choose to complain or play the victim card while these are both options, my challenge to you is to get excited, embrace the idea of becoming refined by fire and what lies on the other side of adversity.”


  • “If you're finding yourself restless, it's likely because there is a decision that you are not making or you're making it, but the choices to play small, that once you decide to play big and just go all in and figure out what it is that path has, you will have more energy, more excitement.”


  • (Jeff Olson) “People who live with huge, vivid, clearly articulated dreams are pulled along towards those dreams with such force, they become practically unstoppable.”


  • (Judy Blume) “Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives.”





Mentor Impact Model


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