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Seven months ago, my dad died.


And grief moved in.


Losing my dad is by far the most intense grief I’ve experienced. Nothing could have prepared me for it. No book or podcast or course could have taught me about what I would feel when grief came knocking at my door and moved in for I can’t possibly predict how long. 


Even as time passes and the initial sting subsides, grief is always lurking in the emotional shadows, ready to take center stage and leave me sobbing in a puddle of tears because I just saw a car commercial featuring cute golden retriever puppies which were dad’s favorite breed.


Granting ourselves the space -- and the grace -- to feel grief is more than half the battle. If we could learn how to talk about it without feeling ashamed or weak, think of how much better more of us would do in all facets of our lives. If we could add grieving to the collective cultural conversation, think of how much faster our country would heal.


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