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The future is here and it's called AWS.


I decided to attend the AWS Summit in San Francisco this week on a whim -- I am not a developer and have no intention of becoming one but as a small biz owner and leadership specialist, I believe it's important that everyone has a basic level of understanding around what this mega company known as Amazon is up to.


Long story short: 


Mind. Blown.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and it is true to its namesake. I had the chance to listen to Werner Vogels, Amazon dot com's CTO and Vice president speak about big things happening with AWS and my mind is still reeling from what I learned.

In today's audible, you will hear me share 10 leadership lessons I learned from going to this summit. I recorded those lessons on my iPhone in my hotel room right after getting back from the event. You will hear that I sound a bit fatigued after a full day at the Summit, but also A LOT of excitement about what's happening with this company.

If there's one thing I can stress here it's that AWS is laying the groundwork to change the way companies function. Cloud computing is here and we are just at the early stages of what's possible. As a futurist, as a business woman, as a podcaster, as a writer... what AWS is doing thrills me even if I don't understand most of the technical jargon! I hope my takeaways give you something to think about and use as you continue your journey.

Enjoy today's Audible, Team PYP! Let me know what you liked. Connect with me on social media and use the hashtag #pyp !







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